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How often do you go to a meeting and have to wait for days, or even weeks to receive the minutes?

And how often do you attend a meeting only to find that most of the actions haven't been completed on time?

Have you ever wondered why?

Well, if your minutes are taking a long time to be written and sent out, then this is giving people the perfect excuse to not complete their actions by the due date.

We've seen this situation occur time and time again, in both the public and private sectors.

That's why we decided to develop minITs - a powerful meeting minutes software tool to help you generate and distribute your minutes quickly and effectively.


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Meeting Minutes Software (minITs)

Meeting Minutes Software

Key Benefits:

> Saves time as meeting minutes can be generated and distributed automatically. Actions can be sent via email so people don't waste time looking through the minutes to see which actions have been assigned to them.

> Reduces the length of your meetings as updated actions can be reflected in the minutes for the next meetings.

> Helps you to determine whether your meetings are cost effective.

minITs is a tool that assists with the administration processes of meetings and the subsequent completion of actions, helping to ensure your meetings are more effective.

Provides people with more time to complete actions - they can be captured into a database and distributed immediately after the meeting

Automatically generates a professional set of meeting minutes

Reduces the length of your meetings as updated actions are reflected in the minutes for the next meeting

Your organisation can become more effective as people can progress actions on the move through the integration with handheld devices

Assists you in determining whether meetings are productive as meeting costs can be automatically calculated if required

Provides easy access to all minutes within your organisation as everything is stored in a central repository. In addition, documents can be attached to each set of minutes


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